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We Use Sustainable Forest Products & Non-Toxic Finishes

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Dustless Wood Floor Restoration

MasterCraft Wood Floors in Ashland, Oregon offering Dustless Wood Floor Restoration and refinishing in the rogue valley

If your floor is showing considerable wear, or perhaps you would like to change the color, your best option will be refinishing. One of the real advantages of wood floors is that they can be refinished many times before needing to be replaced. The refinishing process begins by sanding the floor down to the bare wood.


Whether it is recoating or restoration, all of our hardwood floor services are DUSTLESS.  Hardwood floor sanding used to be an extremely dusty job and a clean-up headache for the homeowner.  MasterCraft Wood Floors contains the dust by using the industry's latest dustless systems. Call us today to schedule a free in-home evaluation to determine if refinishing is your best option.

Wood Floor Installation

MasterCraft Wood Floors Serving Medford, Grants Pass, & Ashland, Oregon offering Professional high quality Wood Floor Installation

With products ranging from 3/8″ to 3 /4″ in thickness in engineered as well as solid wood flooring, you can have the warmth and beauty of hardwood in any room in your home. However, bathrooms and laundry rooms are not recommended for wood flooring, since they contain more moisture than other rooms.


Since wood flooring can be refinished instead of being replaced, wood floors are an investment in your home for years to come. Wood floors can be nailed, glued, or floated over a variety of existing surfaces. They are also available in a variety of different species as well as colors. We offer two types of wood floors, which are custom wood floors and prefinished wood floors. Call us today to schedule a free in-home estimate.

Wood Floor Repairs

MasterCraft Wood Floors in Ashland, Oregon offering professional guaranteed Wood Floor Repairs in medford and southern oregon

Many things can happen to a floor over the years. Termites, cable holes, leaky roofs, sink overflows, cats, dogs and reconfigured spaces can leave holes or very odd-looking stains in your hardwood. All is not lost!


Boards can be replaced in such a way that no one will be able to tell that new wood has been added to the floors. When replacing boards, we take care to lace the new boards in with the old ones, so there is not a square or rectangle shape where the boards have been replaced. Other precautions are taken to match up the wood as best as possible. As wood ages, it darkens. This is why we purchase reclaimed wood in various sizes and species. If aged wood is not available for your floor, we take care to stain the boards that we are replacing to match the color of your existing floor as close as possible.

Wood Inlay & Carpentry Services

MasterCraft Wood Floors in Ashland, Oregon offers the highest quality Wood Floor Inlay & Carpentry Services in Southern Oregon and Medford

We offer the highest quality carpentry services specializing in flooring and carpentry throughout Southern Oregon.


Inlays are a wonderful way to highlight a room and add something unique to a beautiful floor. A great addition to foyers greeting people as they walk in or as a focal point in a living space, sure to spark a conversation.


Borders are a beautiful way to accent a large space as well as defining rooms and walkways.


Whether you need new baseboard trim or you would like to liven up an existing ​wood floor with a decorative inlay or border, MasterCraft Wood Floors can help. Call us today to learn more about our custom carpentry and inlay services.

MasterCraft Wood Floors in Ashland, Oregon offers a Senior Citizen Discount on wood floor installation, restoration, refinishing, or repair.

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Licensed & Bonded

MasterCraft Wood Floors in Ashland, Oregon is proud to offer a Military Discount on floor installation, restoration, refinishing, or repair in Southern Oregon.
satisfaction guaranteed wood floor repair restoration and installtion in medford and ashalnd oregon

Over 30 Years of Quality Service


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